The only adding I can handle

With one day left in the week to go I’m at 4500 words for novel two. I shouldn’t have any problems clearing 5K by tommorow. I’m quite pleased with that. I really thought it would take me a few more false starts to get going again but I slipped back into novel mode quite easily. Other than Tuesday, the words have come easily and seem to resemble something nearing suspense. The story is underway quicker than in the first book and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a corpse here pretty soon.

Also, in the next day or so I will be uneviling a new feature for this blog so keep checking back for updates. Also, I’m in preliminary negotians to take the John, Sarah and Bryon Weasel Spectacular (featuring Angela Lansbury) on the road. Stay tuned for details. 🙂