The Official iPad Keyboard Case Post

In my continuing attempts to use my iPad for as many tasks as possible I’ve purchased the Logitech keyboard cover that I am writing this post on. So far I’ve been very impressed with it and can see it working very well for many tasks, particularly for my editing work. Where I still have some concern is with regard to extended prose writing sessions.

I’ve tried to write a few paragraphs here and there on prose, but I have some doubts about how this would hold up for an hour or more many days in a row. The problem is the size of the keyboard. While it’s really close to the size of a full size keyboard it’s not quite as long enough, which pushed my arms in slightly more than usual and aggravates my elbow issues. I have some suspicions the problem may be also related to my posture and the chair I’m sitting in so I’ll be trying this out at all of the places I normally do my laptop writing and reserve judgement until then.

What I can tell you though is, unless I come into some money and buy myself the MacBook Air I’ve long dreamed about, I don’t see myself traveling with a full-sized laptop ever again. This combo would be perfectly fine for every bit of computer work I do while traveling. As always, I will keep you all updated with the excruciating details of every tiny moment in this quest.