The Official Blog Announcement of My Career Change

You know, I’ve been blathering all over social media about my career change while I’ve neglected my one true love here. I’ll have some more Deep Thoughts about what led to the transition, but for now I’ll plunk my various status updates here for the permanent record for when Facebook eventually (hopefully) dies.

So I suppose now is as good a time as any to make my Big Announcement: As of September 1st I will be burning my khaki pants and going full-time as a freelance editor. It’s weird and scary and also very exciting so expect to hear a lot more about it as my last day in the cubicles mines approaches.

Also, please send me work.

And then just yesterday I posted this one.

With my full-time freelance lifestyle on the horizon I have gotten my hustle on something fierce. Starting to pitch for writing work as well as editing work. Ain’t to proud and all that. Pitched One newspaper chain, one magazine, and one agency so far. feel like I should be wearing stacked heels and a feather hat.