The MTV (without music) Generation

Victor Gischler recently listed the top 25 movies that influenced his storytelling on his blog. A few days later Tod Goldberg did the same thing at his blog. In the comments someone asked Tod how movies could influence his writing when it’s a different medium. Well I thought this was an interesting question because I can list as many, or more, movies that inspired my writing than books. To this day, if I go out and see a great movie that really inspires me I don’t go out and write a screenplay. Movies influence the way I write stories. Same with television to a lesser degree. A while ago Stephen King said he was in the last generation of writers who weren’t completely raised on television. If that’s true, then I think I am part of the first generation of writers to be influenced by the full multimedia spectrum including TV, movies, and video games. So here they are, you knew it was coming, the top 20 movies that influence my writing. I’m also using Gischler’s criteria that these are movies I can watch over and over and over again. Instead of doing 25 as the others have done, I’m using the last spot for the top five TV shows that influenced me.

1. Pulp Fiction
2. Die Hard
3. Mystic River
4. When Harry Met Sally
5. Just Can’t Wait
6. Clerks
7. (a)Chinatown (I haven’t really seen all of it and it kind of bores me, but I’ve been influenced by people who were
influenced by this movie and it would look bad if I didn’t include it)
7. (b) Batman
8. Dead Poet’s Society
9. Glengarry Glen Ross
10. The Usual Suspects
11. Fame
12. The Maltese Falcon
13. The Last Boyscout
14. RoboCop
15.Star Wars
16.Kill Bill (part one)
17. Kissing Jessica Stein
18. Shaft
19. A Chorus Line
20. Lethal Weapon
21. Magnum, PI
22. Spenser: For Hire
23. NYPD Blue
24. Homicide: Life on the Street
25. Saved by the Bell

EDIT: I don’t know how I forgot the most influential television show of my entire life. THE SIMPSONS!! So you’re out Magnum.