The little fat boy who could

A funny thing happened last night. It was getting to be almost 10pm, I was tired, Becky and I had just been out to dinner for her brother’s birthday and I wasn’t feeling the writing. But I didn’t want to lose the tiny streak of momentum I’d been building so I sat down at the computer about quarter till 10 and figured I could get at least a couple hundred words done before 10 and that would at least keep my streak of writing every day (no matter how sad the output) alive for one more day. Low and behold, 15 minutes later I’d written 546 words and my total was over 56,000 words. Yay me.

In other news, I can’t turn to the left AT ALL. My neck is pinched and refusing to cooperate. Also, it looks like University of Michigan may be hiring away Rutger’s prodigy football coach. Poor Dave, Rutgers is going to suck again. Maybe we should hire this guy for the Lions. He’s got experience turning around a perrenial loser, but nah, Old Man Ford and Matt “Fire” Millen wouldn’t give him anything to work with and he’d probably end up missing New Jersey which says alot.