The Good Stuff Is At Exhibit A, This Post Is About My Hair

First, check out my Exhibit A post today. There’s really not much to it, but I appreciate the traffic to the site and it’s not exactly boring.

Done? Okay, so let’s talk about my hair. For the longest time my hair has had two extremes: spikey and full of hair paste, or shaved. Both of these resulted from my odd mix of vanity and laziness. I hated the bald look and that seems to be echoed by everyone who mentions it to me, and the spikes were starting to look silly at my age.  So what to do?

The laziness eventually won out over the vanity and I stopped doing anything with my hair. And it was great. I felt free. And you know what, it didn’t look too bad. The pics from Noir at the Bar were the first week I stopped doing anything with it. Eventually my hair started getting long and shaggy and it was time for a haircut. For the first time in a long time I just had them trim my hair around the ears and neck and kept it long and floppy on the top. I like how it looks and I really don’t have to do anything with it. Who knows how long this phase will last, but maybe I’m just growing up.

Now I have to go finish packing (and by that I mean *start* packing) and figure out how to pack a sport coat and a suit in my carry-on bag.