The Final Vacation View And A Record of Vacation Updates

After all of the great hotel views, I think the second one is my favorite, this is what I’m looking at right now from the front room of our house. Honestly, it could be worse. The sun is out and it’s not too bad, temperature-wise, but I really wish I could throw on some flip flops and head out to the pool to read. Guess I’ll just have to read by the fireplace instead.

And for posterity’s sake as well as for those who may have missed them, here are my Facebook updates from the last week:

The road trip cooler is packed and ready to go. No, the irony of packing oranges to take on a trip to Florida does not escape me.

I’m driving a giant van and all I’m going to be doing the whole time is singing Convoy and wishing I had a CB.

Becky just complained about the sun. We may have to sacrifice her to keep it warm now.

Motion-simulated rides can die a long, slow, painful and vomit-laced death.

Cooking cheap steaks and drinking cheap beer in my cheap condo. Go vacation!

Hanging out at Universal Studios makes me slightly jealous of folks like Mike Alber who get to hang out on studio lots all day. I’m sure it’s all dreams and fantasy and just like they show on the movies.

I love hanging out with Becky but this single rider lane can get addictive

Huh, there doesn’t seem to be an option here on a Facebook for checking in to the bathroom at Universal. That seems like an oversight. In other news, the kid next to me just threw up his internal organs from the sound of it.

Off to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle character breakfast. This is totally for the kids not for me at all.

Random observation: At the luxury resort pool with middle to upper middle class folks, the bulk of fathers seemed detached and resentful of their kids. At the resort with mostly middle to lower middle class families the fathers seemed to be having more fun and are more engaged with the kids. I’ve been mostly disgusted and proud of my kids at both resorts.

Looking forward to dinner with Andrew Hall and Jennie Lorenz Hall. Lived an hour away from them for years but had to travel away a thousand miles to catch up. Just need to get Matt and Jill Lobban and Jim Wilcox and Colene Wilcox down here so I can see them too.

Last hour of vacation. We’re leaving after the Power Rangers movie in the pool. Looking forward to getting back home, not looking forward to putting away the shorts and flip flops for another month or more. Sigh, and such.

Seriously though, yes I’ll miss the warm weather, but I’ll really miss spending all day with Becky and the kids just hanging out. It all goes so fast and I don’t always appreciate these moments when I should.