The end before The End

Yes, Dave, you win.

I’ve given up on the book I was currently working on for several reasons. First, I’ve been feeling for quite a while that this is not the book I want to follow up THE SCARS WE CARRY. It has plenty of potential, but as a stand alone rather than as a PI novel. While all of this contest stuff was fun and forced me to write faster than I normally would have, I think it distracted me from the book I’d always envisioned as the second book in my series. I’ve long wanted to write a book about urban exploration.

Since Detroit has the largest collection of abandoned skyscrapers in the country I thought it would be the perfect setting for something like this. I know David Morrell did something with urban exploration in his last novel CREEPERS, but I’d be exploring a different aspect of the whole scene, focusing more on the characters and the community surrounding the urban exploration scene.

So anyway, I’m throwing MURDER BOY in the trunk for a while while I get to work on this new book. I apologize to anyone who had anything riding on this competition, but when you wager on the creative output of an unpublished novelist you’ve got to expect a flake-out or two.