The downward slope to bleh

Ah, the day after Christmas, the biggest let down day EVER. Five weeks culminates in one big blow out of a day and then you kind of look toward the new year, and then it’s three more months of crap cold weather in Michigan. Oh, and my wedding.

But Christmas was good. Split time with Becky at my parents and her parents, many gift were exchanged and no punches so that was a bit disappointing. I got to play the new video game Rock Band and sucked at every aspect of it except singing. I even managed to get some writing done so my goal of finishing this book by the end of the year is still doable.

Over the weekend Becky and I went to see CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR. I loved it, her not so much. But we’re coming to realize we have very different tastes in movies and it’s best to keep them seperate (thought the next two on my list JUNO and DEWY COX we’ll probably see together). The movie started off good enough, but it didn;t really get great until Philip Seymour Hoffman took over the screen. I love this guy and will watch him in anything he ever does. I can’t wait for his new movie from Charlie “Adaptation” Kaufman about a crazy theater director who build a massive replica of New York city in a warehouse.

And that’s about it for a holiday wrap-up. You don’t care what I got and I don’t care to tell you.