The Big Reveal


So the guts are over at the Angry Robot website, but the reason I was jetting all over Europe was to meet my new employers. As of last week I am taking over the Angry Robot crime fiction imprint Exhibit A. I’m tweaked and excited and overwhelmed and generally just feeling magical. This is pretty much a dream job and I’m ecstatic they chose me for the honor.

I’ll slowly be putting my own stamp on the imprint, but I’m very happy with the infrastructure they’ve built and I get to build on all of the hard work Emlyn and Marc put in getting the imprint up and running.

I’ll have a longer post tomorrow about what exactly I did while I was over in the UK and I’ll also be making an introductory post at the Exhibit A site. A full day of blogging all around then.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a second to mention my thanks to Angela James and the crew over at Carina Press. They’re doing good work over there too and I’ll miss being part of their crazy family.