The 2016 “Why Am I Doing This” Reflection Post

This blog will never go away, but every year I wonder about how often and to what extent to use it. Part of me would love to update here every day with every little thing and never have to deal with social media again. Well, at least never have to deal with Facebook again. But that’s not practical. I just don’t have the audience for that yet. I sometimes wonder if I should operate this blog as if I were as popular as I hope to be one day, but that seems like more trouble than it’s worth right now and not a particularly good use of my time.

A different part of me would like to only write here when I have something significant to say (and, related, that part of me would also like to write more pieces of substance and significance as well) and leave the rest of my Internet communication for Twitter and Facebook. But I don’t trust social media for the long term and this site is as much for me to look back on and serve as an archive of my life as it is a mouthpiece for me to talk about myself and my work in the moment.

What we’re likely looking at though is a mix of the two. I hope to post her more regularly than I did last year, but not quite daily. I also hope to write more pieces of substance that will hopefully be shared beyond my small readership and work toward making this site as popular as I hope for it to be. I have a lot of work staring at me from the front end of 2016 and I need to be far more protective of my time than I have been in the past (I’m looking at you Fallout 4) but I think writing here is good for me. It helps me keep my writing muscles loose and warm and helps me keep my style in tune, to mix metaphors. I find my writing productivity tends to be better the more I write here and when this site goes fallow for a month or more there is usually a corresponding drop in my writing output as well as my reading.

Laura Lippman did her one word resolution challenge this year and my word was balance. I mostly meant it to apply to my writing and editing work, but it can also apply here. Fewer spurts and empty months and more regular appearances. We’ll see how that all pans out in 2017, but for now I should at least try, right? Right?