That Whooshing Sound You Hear Is All Of My Major Life Changes Passing By

Oh my.

So our baby came early, Go Natalie, and I’m sure you all saw the pics on Facebook but here’s a few if you missed them. She’s a beauty and I love her, but she still doesn’t seem real. The newborn phase has never been one of my favorites with the kids, I like them when they start developing personalities and such and doing more than drooling, but she’s already very expressive with her face and I think she gets sarcasm.

What does feel real is my new job. After a day and a half of inane and mind-numbing orientation, I got to jump in with the real work and start plotting and planning my next 3-4 years or so here (at minimum). I like having a job I’m good at and that uses my skills and experience and I also like the structure and the security of the fully-benefited 9-5 life. I signed up for dental and life insurance like a boss. I’m sure you’d all love a picture of my new cubicle so here you go: