Tapping Out Of The Full-Time Freelance Life

I’ve known for a while that the full-time freelance lifestyle wasn’t for me. I haven’t talked about it much here because, mixed with my residual feelings about losing my Exhibit A job, I didn’t want this site to turn into a pit of negativity. But it’s been affecting me anyway. I haven’t been sleeping well, I’ve been sick and tired all of the time, and I’ve just generally been an unpleasant person. So I’ve been looking for a new job. One that I would enjoy and be good at and excel in. I set some pretty high expectations and I’m happy to say I found what I was looking for.

As for my freelance editing business, I’m taking a bit of a hiatus on new projects while I finish up with the projects I already have in the pipeline. I still enjoy this work and want to keep my hand it, but on a much more selective basis and not as my main source of income. And that brings me to the biggest reason I wanted out. I’m sick of the publishing industry. I’m sick of the gossip and the fear-mongering and the paranoia and the tediousness of it all. After seeing Exhibit A collapse so quickly, I’m gun shy about ever tying my family’s livelihood to that industry ever again.  As a reader I’m excited about all of the great new books I’m seeing and as a writer I think I’m set up with one of the greatest up-and-coming publishers in the business. But as an editor I hated the hustle and hated the uncertainty and hated the volatility and hated having to be part of another inane conversation about which publishing path is the best.

Also, despite recent evidence, I’m a writer first and I’m excited about being a professional writer again. So thank you to everyone who supported me and encouraged me and gave me the breaks and contacts that made this move possible. This has been a crazy year so far and I’m so happy to once again be on top. I was getting kind of sick of whining all the time.