Tapping My Addictive Personality

My new BlackBerry has already helped me reconnect with friends I’d let slip and keep up more with social networking, but what it hasn’t really done is help me get back into the blogging habit. So until I get that muscle built back up i think I’m going to scratch the itch when I get it. So here we are at 6:21 on a Saturday evening and I’m telling you about my day. Eventually I hope the day-today adventure tales will give way to more substance…well, at least as much substance as I’m capable of.

I cooked a pork loin on the grill tonight and think it might be the best of my grilling batch. My parents were up from Flint and it was a pleasant experience all around.

Earlier in the day we took Spenser and Holly to see Toy Story 3 and it worked out about as well as I expected. While we didn’t make it more than an hour into the movie, it was a good hour where Spenser was good and ate his popcorn and pointed to the screen and said funny things. Overall he seemed very engaged in the experience until the void in his attention span kicked it and sent his concentration running scared. I probably won’t try another movie with him again until the fall when they have free kids matinees. But since I enjoy movies so much I’d like for him to be able to be my movie buddy even if it means I have to see things like Marmaduke and those awful Cat and Dog movies.

And speaking of movies, I entered my first screenplay contest earlier this week. Well, first non-television screenwriting contest. Elmore Leonard’s home town is having a literary arts and film festival and as part of it they’re sponsoring a five minute film competition. You can either enter a five minute film or a five page screenplay. I took one of my favorite flash fiction pieces and broke it down and tore off chunks of it and built a neat little script about a guy who really needs a cigarette but hijacks a truck full of non-smoking gum.

I’ve been having problems really getting to the heart of my characters so I figured I nice, tight, focus was just the thing and I was right. Thanks to Dave White and Chuck Wendig who helped me make the story and the characters pop. I learned some good lessons that I can now apply to the novel I’m revising and, down the line when I’m through with this book, can help me work through my first feature screenplay.

Of course I’ll let you know how it all turns out. Because through all the years, all the quitting, all the life changes, and all of the bullshit, the one remaining constant here has been my barrage of self-congratulations and screeching announcement of even the smallest success in my life. It’s what my fans expect.