Taking an Insta Tumbl


As part of my big do more, not less for lent thing, I went to Elmore Leonard’s Estate Sale yesterday and today I joined Instagram in an effort to help focus myself more on visual storytelling and blogging instead of just words. I’ve thought about joining another social media for some time, one a little younger, and I just don’t Tumblr at all, so Instagram it is. You can find me  @bryoncue

Now a brief anecdote about the Elmore Leonard sale. I actually had my hands on a copy of PRONTO signed by the entire cast of the film, including Peter Falk, with great notes to Leonard about the film. I was giddy. But when I tried to buy it, the family stepped in and asked to keep it.

They were trying to keep the really personal stuff in the family and that book made it out by mistake. In exchange I was allowed to go into the special room where they were keeping all of this stuff, including his typewriters!!!, and look around and pick two new first editions (I took Pronto and Rum Punch and a copy of a John Updike book he had been reading). So for being nice I got to visit what amounts to the Elmore Leonard Museum, which was totally worth it.