Success, Like Revenge, Is Best Served Cold

This is something I posted to Facebook today that I think is important enough to be archived here permanently.

I was just talking to a friend about how long I’ve been around this industry and this community without a book deal and how it actually worked out in my favor.

If I had been published in 2003 like I wanted, when my very first novel was shortlisted for the Debut Dagger award, it would have been with a mediocre book that likely would have dropped without a trace in a very tough publishing climate. Of the 8 blurbs I’ve been blessed to receive for Murder Boy, only one of them was published in 2003. The writers I knew and would have blurbed me in 2003 would not have had the name recognition and industry sway of those who blurbed me now. I also have a much larger readership waiting for my book than I would have then. By publishing short stories and having cute babies I’ve raised my profile in way that wouldn’t have been possible in 2003.

And I would have taken that inevitable failure SO much harder in 2003 and likely wouldn’t have written again for a while. I could very well be rehabilitating my career in 2015 rather than launching it with the best book I’ve ever written.

So take heart, be patient, when you’re ready, when your book is ready, and when you’ve accumulated enough embarrassing photos of famous authors and newly launched publishers, your time will come too.