Submission Games

The new pulp edition of The Mississippi Review is out. I’m not in it. I submitted a story called “Breakfast Anytime” that was rejected. But editor Neil Smith has some nice things to say about the story and I was ballsy enough to send it to an even bigger market than the one that rejected it. In the meantime, I’m incredibly impatient. To take my mind off waiting to hear back from Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine I decided to put a couple of literary stories in the mail. I wrote both of these during my creative writing workshop last semester and I think both of them are good enough to find published homes.

This is also a move to bolster future career prospects as a creative writing teacher. At this years Bouchercon I had the pleasure of chatting a bit with Neil and he gave me the great advice of getting as many non-mystery stories published as possible to make myself more well-rounded. I agree and have actually had better luck placing my humerous literary stories than my hardboiled crime stories. So I sent one of my favorite stories “Phase Two” to Ink Pot magazine and “Sharp Dressed Man” to Pindeldyboz.

Normally I send the stories out to more than one magazine at a time, usually about ten, because they all have horried response times ranging from 3-10 months. In this case though I was lucky to find two journals with fairly zippy response times. Ink Pots claims they will get back to you within two weeks while Pindeldyboz says about a month, I can handle both. Now I just have to find something to keep my mind off of waiting for these responses…