First: Daunte Culpepper + Calvin Johnson + Kevin Smith = The Future of the Detroit Lions.

Second: Halloween was fun with Spenser. I talked on Friday at First Offenders about why I like Halloween and I feel even more so now that I have a family.

Third: Becky and I took advantage of my mom being in town on Friday night to go see ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO. I was excited to see this movie because I’m a huge Kevin Smith fan and this sounded like vintage KS. But I was also a bit worried because the more press I heard about it, the more it sounded like it might be trying too hard to be part of the Judd Apatow juggernot.

Well, after seeing it I can say it truly is a Kevin Smith movie, and probably one of his best. Even though the casting and maybe even the setup seemed like vintage Apatow, it was the dialogue that truly made this a Kevin Smith film. Judd Apatow is a movie guy and he writes very good movie dialogue. But I’ve always thought Kevin Smith was a writer at a different level. He’s got a more literary style if you will. It’s not as slick and flashy as Apatow’s and is rooted in more than just endless pop culture references. And one of the reviews pointed out something that most people tend to gloss over when talking about Kevin Smith, he’s one of the truest romantics we have out there.

So go see it, you’ll enjoy it. And maybe Kevin Smith will write a novel one day, I’d love to read that.