Stuff You Need To Know

*Note need may differ depending on interest in me and my various projects…

Some news, notes, and generally updatery here today. I know I say this, but I really want to start blogging more. I miss it when I’m away from it and I don’t care if I don’t get any comments or any hits (well, I mostly don’t care). I need to get back to writing this for me and if others want to peek in, well go ahead. Just keep your pants up you perverts.

I think my new favorite writer is Amanda Hocking. I haven’t read a single word of her novels, but her blog is a fantastic collection of writing advice, slice of life observations, and puppet fandom. She is witty and smart and engaging and I really hope only good(er) things happen to her in the future. If you have any opinions of her, good or bad, based only on what you’ve read about her, go check out her blog for the full picture. It’s great. Really.

The other big news you all may have heard about is the resurrection of DEMOLITION from the zombie depth of the internet. Yay me. I’m getting everything in order right now, but go check out the site to sign up for updates and go over to Facebook and friend us so you can be one of the cool kids.

Some have asked why I’ve decided to revive the old beast and I’m sure there’s a longer post about that in me somewhere, but for right now it’s mostly because I feel left out of the current crop of writers and publishers online. There are a ton of crime fic mags out there, some good, some less than so, but there’s nothing out there that does what we were doing at DEMOLITION.

If you want a quick summary of what we’re looking for, it’s: literary crime fiction. I know that term is nebulous as all hell, but one thing we offered at DEMOLITION that some of the other joints didn’t was slower, deeper, and sometimes even quiet crime stories. I’m also looking to feature more writers from outside of the crime fiction family. Lastly, I’m also looking at featuring darker crime stories from people known better for lighter stuff. So spread the word. Submissions can be sent here