Stuff and Such

The next couple of weeks are going to be interesting. I’ve got two weeks to finish my Secret Project and that’s REALLY going to be pushing it but I have faith in myself and Red Bull. I’ve been reading Steve Ulfelder’s great first book Purgatory Chasm which has been an absolute rocket to the gut of my self-confidence but it’s also been an inspiration as well so I guess that will have to do. This weekend is Becky’s 30 birthday and the kids are going away to my parents so we’re going to have lots of fun. I won’t be around here much.

I probably won’t be around here much at all for the next two weeks, but I promise after I get this project hammered out I’ll spew forth with updates and comments and reflections on what the Secret Project has meant to me. Now I’m going to click on that wonderful Freedom software button on my task bar and have technology do what my own damn will power can’t: keep me off the Internet.