Stomping Grounds Revisted

I’m at the Random House office building on Broadway today. This is the first time I’ve ever been in this building as I left the company right before they moved in. I’m a little sad I’m not able to go over to the old 1540 building and have a look around, but I was able to visit here with one of my best mentors, Kate Miciak, and that was cool.  I wanted to take  picture here, but my phone battery died. I need to start carrying my charging cord around with me so this doesn’t happen again. The iPhone really gets quite crappy battery life.

I spend the morning today at the Osprey offices, which is my official home base so that was cool. Working from home is nice, but it’s also nice to get the camaraderie of an office once in a while as well. It’s funny to look around at the other guys here, especially the younger ones, and they are all of a type, that kind of publishing hipster. I’m happy to be an outlier on this.