Stewie Clause vs. The Coen Brothers

I was in a BAD mood yesterday. I stayed up way too late watching “No Country for Old Men.” What a steaming pile of boredom that movie was. It started off decent enough, and there a few high points, but the last hour on didn’t need to exist at all. Everything this movie did, and tried to do, was done a hundred million times better in “A Simple Plan.” I think I’m going to rent that movie this weekend to get that taset out of my mind.

A highlight of the weekend (have I mentioned how much I love having Saturdays and Sundays off??) was taking our dog Stewie to the mall in Ann Arbor to see Santa Clause. No, I’m not turning into one of “those people” but I thought it would be fun and Stewie loved the attention. Everywhere we went people thought he was just the cutest thing in the world. Even at Sears where he peed on the floor.