Static Cling

I’m sick of static in my life, it seems to be everywhere. I have a crappy radio so none of the stations come in clear and the new ipod car transmiter I bought has static too because of the radio. And then I talk on the phone all day at work and it seems like everybody is calling on a tincan under water. I think 90% of the people use speaker phone and then don’t bother to turn the TV down or tell their kids to shut up while they’re on the phone.

I think I’ve got static on my brain too. While the bulk of the funk seems to be behind me, I’m still not real happy with what I’m doing. I don’t feel like I’m working on THE project I should be, but I’m working on something at that’s all that matters, right? I do get glimmers of rightness here and there, though. I wrote a little flash story that I liked and some of the passages in the new book have tickled me, but overall I’m still very meh.

This weekend should be good for me though. I have Friday through Monday off and I’ll be very busy so probably won’t do much writing. I’ve got a lot of reading lined up though and I think that will go a long way to filling the old writing well that’s a bit dry.

What do you guys do to fill the writing well?