Star Wars, Comedians, Broadway and The Weather

These are all things I mean to chat about since I returned from NYC on Saturday, but they were all complaints and I really didn’t want my first post of the month to be a complaint. That seems to set a bad mood for the remainder of the month. And I want this to be a good month. It WILL be a good month. I’m going to get some good work done on LOAD, I’m going to go to Milwaukee for Noir at the Bar and expose more people to the beauty of my MURDER BOY readings, and hopefully Becky will start feeling normal again.

I also have a bunch of books I want to read. I’m on a far better pace this year over last. I’m on pace to read at least a book a month, and hopefully come in for the year around 20 books read. Last year I read 8 so the bar was not high at all. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve been reading and it’s certainly helped my writing and my editing.

One exception to the complaint thing above though was getting to see NEWSIES on Broadway. I also saw BULLETS OVER BROADWAY, which sucked, but NEWSIES was everything I hoped it would be. There was a ton of inventive and high-energy dancing and the music was as good (actually better) as the movie.

The script was also more enjoyable and more geared toward a theater audience. I was amazed to find out Harvey Fierstein wrote  the book. That means he has three shows on Broadway right now because he also wrote the book for KINKY BOOTS (which I want to see) and he has his own play showing as well. That’s pretty cool in this day and age. And gets me thinking that I still want to have another play produced in my lifetime, hopefully on a bigger stage than the off-off-off-off Broadway house my first one played in.