Stand up, Sit down, fight fight fight

Finally, a reality show I can get behind. My sister loves American Idol, my dad has Nashville Star, and my mom is gaga for Big Brother. My new obsession is Last Comic Standing. I’ve seen this show from the beginning and I love it. I read message boards, and follow the gossip and even subscribe to a few conspiracy theories (I’m looking at you Buckstar).

I’ve been a stand-up junkie for a long time and keep telling myself one of these days I’m going to give it a try at some open mike night but laziness has generally prevailed. But I’ve spent many a lonely Friday night with Comedy Central’s Friday Night Stand-up programming, and at least two awkward New Year’s Eve parties where I hijacked the TV and turned it from the stupid ball drop to Comedy Central’s stand-up shows.

So here’s a rundown of the premiere episode. It featured Skippy from Family Ties, a guy with cerebral palsy, a chick with a nasty lisp, and a 19 year old girl with a gay dad and a hot body. Her name is Kaitlyn Columbo and she was totally robbed by not being picked to move forward. But you can go online and vote for her at NBC’s Last Comic Standing page. I love Anthony Edwards as host so much more than Jay Mohr. Which brings up one of my long-standing sitcom questions: Why was Clark’s hilarious show Boston Common dropped after two seasons while his mediocre Yes, Dear has lasted long enough to be syndicated? But I digress…

The sweetheart moment of the evening was a college student who was pretty funny in her first run but the judges were on the fence so she pressed them for another chance and they let her do one more joke. She went on to be picked as one of the semi-finalists which was cool.

The worst city was LA because there were so many hacks and semi-famous people and washed up c-listers. This included the aforementioned Skippy and Theo from Road Rules. The highlight though was one of my favorite comedians from Comedy Central, Gabrielle Iglasias. The best city by far was New York City which makes sense.

So as the season progresses we’ll see how well I stick with it or how obsessed I get with it. My first theory though is that they’re all in some sort of purgatory.