Something Something Frasier And Grunge


I had a blast in Seattle, but I’m ready to go home. It’s kind of weird how the first few days away from home I really enjoy the quiet and the freedom and feel guilty for not missing my family more and then something happens by day three and the crushing loneliness and homesickness sets in and I miss them terribly. Thanks to everyone at Seattle Mystery Bookshop for having me and thanks to Bill Cameron for letting me horn in on his event. As always, if you missed the event feel free to contact the store to order a signed copy.

I’m at the Delta Sky Lounge now waiting for my flight to leave at midnight and this is the best $60 I ever spent. I’ll have a longer post soon about whether this tour was worth it but for now, I’m happy I did, I loved everyone I met, and I am very, very happy to be going home.