Some Shilling And Some Housekeeping

First, the shilling. Anthony Awards ballots went out over the weekend and thus began the tsunami of award consideration updates. I did my fair share as well. It’s probably tacky and probably obscene, but in this day and age authors aren’t really afforded the luxury of biding their time and waiting for audiences to come to them. Award nomination are a great source of discovery for new authors and for small press authors, both of which I am, so a-shilling I will go.

Now, moving away from Murder Boy and looking to the future, this site will slowly be transforming into a Riot Load focused site rather than a Murder Boy focused site.  I’ve updated the press kit and novel pages but the highlight of this first stage is that I’ve put the first chapter of Riot Load up for your reading pleasure. I’ve also begun plotting out the blog tour assault that will be hitting the web come the end of May and into June. This time out I’d really love to appear across a ton of different sites to capture a wide variety of audiences, so if you’d be interested in having me, shoot me an email.

I was sick most of the last week so my reading and writing took a back seat. I hope to have some exciting news soon on the writing front and next year I’ll have some exciting news on the reading front, but on the current front I spent a lot of time on the couch watching Netflix. I watched the entire first season of FULLER HOUSE which was just as awful and just as awesome as I had hoped it would be and I also watched the infamous seventh season of GILMORE GIRLS again. I still hate how it ends and hate how it handled Chris and Lorelei’s relationship, but overall it wasn’t as awful as I had initially remembered it to be. I’m very excited to see what the Netflix revival will be like.

Anyway, one more shout out to those voting for the Anthonys: I’d love your consideration for Best First Novel for Murder Boy. I’m incredibly proud of that book and think it adds something cool to the crime fiction tradition I love so dearly and to be nominated at Bouchercon (over the weekend of my 40th birthday by the way) would be an amazing way to cap my first publishing experience.