Some Exciting Tooth Related Dispatches



Holly finally lost her first tooth and she was very excited about it. I think she’s been feeling a bit jealous of Spenser because he started losing his teeth very early and has racked up quite a little haul from the tooth fairy. It became wiggly about a week ago and she called me up on the phone at work to tell me. After that Becky bought that little Frozen flip phone to keep around so we had something to give her from the tooth fairy when the moment arrived. Early on we did dollar bills and gold coins with Spenser, which he liked, but then he would lose the money so we switched to little toys which he seems to be getting more use out of.

It actually happened quite humorously. It was late at night and we were in the bathroom giving Natalie a bath. The bathroom is right next to the room the kids share and we heard them making a bunch of noise when they should have been asleep. Eventually they burst into the bathroom to announce that Holly had lost her first tooth. Spenser claimed he had the tooth but on further inspection all he had was a piece of styrofoam. We spent about ten minutes looking for the tooth but we couldn’t find it so I had Holly draw a picture of her tooth and write her name and the tooth fairy’s name on it and put that under her pillow instead. She believed me and it worked.

Natalie, we think, is starting to get teeth too. She’s chewing on EVERYTHING and drooling to an absurd degree. It’s very cute. Soon we will experience the hell portion of teething, but for now it’s cute. And speaking of heel and teeth, the ones Spenser hasn’t lost are costing us a ton of money. He takes great care of his teeth and eats better than most anyone in the family, but he got saddled with awful teeth. He needs root canals or fillings in almost every one of his teeth. I don’t mind paying the money for adult tooth work that will stick around, but paying this much money for teeth that will fall out in the next few years just sucks. Holly doesn’t have the same problem and has pretty clean teeth, but I suspect her time to soak us on teeth will come when she needs braces.


And on a final unrelated note, I finally played a clean F barre chord on my guitar. I’ve been working up to this for quite a while and have been trying to practice it as much as I can and it finally paid off today. I still have a looooooong way to go as it takes about ten minutes to get in and out of the formation (I can do it on the first and the fifth fret) and there’s no way I could do it on an acoustic guitar, but it’s still progress and gives me hope I can continue getting better even at my age and with my small hands.