So It Seems I Got Myself ANOTHER Book Deal

Getting that first book deal is huge, but in many ways, it’s so much harder to get a second book deal. I know of many authors, most better than myself, who were never given that opportunity or who had to wait a decade or more for the opportunity.

But here I am, just two years removed from my first book deal, with my second novel set to publish just a few months from now, and I’m signing my second book contract. I’m a lucky, lucky man. This is what Publisher’s Marketplace will have to say shortly:

TRIGGER SWITCH, the third novel in CWA Dagger nominee Bryon Quertermous’s Dominick Prince series, in which the struggling writer/trouble magnet is promised fame by a former classmate-turned failed teen soap star who plans to stage a play based on one of Dominick’s stories, only to find that he’s being used as a patsy to track down a missing $1.2 million, to Jason Pinter at Polis Books.

I am stoked about this book. Considering that when I wrote Murder Boy I had no thought of it being a series, the fact that I’m capping off the first trilogy of books about Dominick is pretty cool. He’s taken on a life of his own in this series rather than remaining the vaguely disguised avatar for all of my life struggles in my 20s he was originally conceived as. Riot Load takes a darker turn (available for pre-order now!) as Dominick gets more and more beat down and disillusioned by the violence he experiences and Trigger Switch will cap that arc off. It’s much more of a revenge caper than a silly caper. When I pitched the idea to Jason I told him it would complete Dominick’s transition from Dortmunder to Parker.

So thanks to Jason Pinter for taking another chance on me. And thanks to all of the readers and booksellers who made sure we moved enough copies of Murder Boy to justify this new deal. And especially thanks to Dan Malmon who spent far longer than he needed to on Facebook Messenger bouncing title ideas back and forth. I love you all!