Snow Bunnies

Sure Easter was early this year, but snow? Come on. I’m just about sick of this state and its weather now. I think Becky and I would both be happy on a beach somewhere for the next few months.  She could enjoy being pregnant and I could get this beast of a book under control.

Zoe Sharp had a post last week at Murderati that totally resonated with me. She said at one point she had stripped her manuscript down to almost half its length to get it under control. I. So. Understand. Over the last month or so though, I’ve been trimming, and hacking, and mulling, and outlining, all trying to get a handle on this story.

Now I think I’m finally ready to move forward again. I wrote about 500 words yesterday while I was waiting for Easter dinner and that was the first substantial writing I’ve done on this manuscript without deleting it almost immediately. I have a clear focus for the remainder of the book and have a solid, hopefully satisfying, ending in mind. We’ll see how I handle the execution.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. Becky and I had some nice time away Friday night and Saturday. She was craving lamb and there’s no better place for that than Greektown in Detroit. Since the weather was miserable we stayed down at the Courtyard which was very nice. Both of us always enjoy a good ride on the People Mover. And all of the snow would have been gorgeous and lovely…if it hadn’t been the friggin’ end of MARCH.

Anyway, I love my wife and it was nice to have some time with her. Apparently that disappears after you have a baby.