Mr. Independence

I hate to admit it, but up until now I’ve been a bit of a snob against independent presses. Even though several of my favorite authors started with small presses and were later picked up by major houses with success, I always thought it was an option I was “too good for” if you will. But my frustration with this latest book and my general mood about getting very, very close with agents but never getting all the way has changed my mood. I also realized I’ve pretty much started off in the smallest of presses anyway by publishing my stories online.

Through my online stories, some of which I think are the best things I’ve ever written, I’ve developed a nice little base of fans and readers, met some great people, and even had a story picked up for publication in an anthology to be published by a major New York house. Why couldn’t the same thing happen with a novel? So I’ve decided to dip my foot in the water a bit with three independent houses and submit THE SCARS WE CARRY while I continue to work on the new book.
The first is Poisoned Pen Press. I actually submitted LUNCHBOX HERO to them a while ago and when it made it almost made it to the final round of the selection process I started worrying because I wasn’t sure I wanted them to actually publish it. But now I know better. They do good books and are the second most prolific publisher of mysteries after St. Martin’s, and they’ve also made deals for several of the authors to be published in mass market by major houses. The next publisher is Midnight Ink. I see this company’s good looking trade paperbacks popping up all over the place at my local Borders and Barnes and Noble stores, so I know they have good distribution, and they are out of Minnesota so I think the Midwest connection might give me some points. The final place I’ll be submitting to is Bleak House Books. I’m not sure SCARS is dark enough for them, but I like the work they do and they did publish a PI novel (Soul Patch) with a similiar tone so I’ll let them make that decision. They’re out of Wisconsin so they have the Midwest connection as well.

We’ll see what happens and you’ll here about it in every excruciating detail.