Sledding Day

So today started like many others with me looking for ways to keep the kids entertained and away from me so I could get some work done. They love being outside and the snowy weather failed them last year so they wanted to go outside to play. After a few minutes of suiting up I punted them out the door into the back yard.

Holly sat in the middle of the yard eating snow while Spenser ran around throwing snow at everything. About fifteen minutes later Holly wanted to come in and cuddle with mommy. Another fifteen minutes or so later Spenser was hanging around the back door and I thought he wanted to come in as well. But when I opened the door and asked if he wanted to come in he said no, but he seemed sad. I asked him what he wanted to do and he looked up at me with a look both sad and hopeful and said, “I want to have a snowball fight and go sledding.”

I brought him in to have some lunch and told him we would go sledding. As we made preparations to go out I realized neither of my kids have ever been sledding. Holly wasn’t even sure what sledding was so I knew we were making the right decision. We ended up at a hill out by our library with some other kids and they had a riot. Spenser was so excited he even carried his sled back up the hill after every run. It only took Holly one trip down the hill to decide she wanted nothing to do with it and went with mommy over to the smaller hill. Spenser spent about 30 minutes going up and down the big hill and only ran into the light pole once. The second time he was smart enough to roll out of the sled before he hit.

But of course no amount of words can ever convey the true delight of it so here’s some pictures as well.