Sin City Slicker

Sin City. Rocks.

You really have to see it for yourself. On a big screen. And a full stomach.

Also on the board from the weekend of purity:

-On Friday I found myself listed on one of my favorite writer’s websites for aceing a quiz on my favorite topic.
-Also on Friday I was reading through the Barnes and Noble Meet the Writers website and their latest addition is Orson Scott Card. During my early years as a writer I was a huge science fiction fan and Card’s Ender’s Game was a big influence. In his interview, card lists as his favorite writers several mystery writers and says he believes the best fiction being written today is in the mystery field. I then went to his website where he posts a weeklyblog where he reviews whatever happens to come into his life at the time. Some of his current book reviews were for Robert Crais’s The Forgotten Man and Lawrence Block’s All the Flowers are Dying. Good stuff. Didn’t know he was a mormon. I wonder if he’ll ever tour with Donny Osmond.

-On Saturday I saw a play called Matt and Ben at the University of Michigan’s Basement Theater. The play follows young Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who are in college and trying to write a screenplay adaptation of Catcher in the Rye when the script for Goodwill Hunting falls from the ceiling. The script is used as a catalyst to delve into Matt and Ben’s relationship as they flashback to the history of their friendship. And by the way. Matt and Ben are played by women. The two girls in the roles were only Sophomores in UM’s acting program but they were amazing, especially as far as free theater goes. This is why I love living in Ann Arbor. Seeing the play also revived my desire to write another play which has been rearing its head since I started my musical theater class. Luckily I watched Sleuth yesterday and it’s so good that it paralyzes me and makes me realize I’ll never write anything that good.

-On Sunday I used my recent dating experience to create my final hyper-media project, an exploration of the online dating phenomenon. It’s called DateBank.

-I found out Jonathan Saferon Foer is coming to the downtown Ann Arbor Borders. I love living close to the headquarters store. I also found out Ridley Pearson is coming to Ann Arbor Library this Friday. More good stuff.