Sick Seems to be the New Normal

I’m getting just about fed up with writing this posts about how I’m always sick. It seems to be a never-ending cycle lately. I realize much of this is my own fault as my immune system is garbage because I treat my body like a drive-thru garbage can, but still, I’ve been like that most of my life and only now seem to suffering the consequences. Also, I have little kids so nobody at all seems to be surprised with how sick I’ve been.

By far though, the worst part of being sick is dealing with my doctor’s office. I detest my doctors office. In the 6 years I’ve been with this office I’ve gone to urgent care clinics more than my actual doctor because they never have appointments available. Yesterday I called them with chest pains, a fever, and shooting pains in my arm and was told it was viral and nobody would see me after only two days of symptoms. Awesome. So using my own advanced medical training I was able to cobble together relief with Mucinex, Tylenol, my inhaler and some BBQ from Famous Dave’s.

I also took the opportunity to seek out a new doctor. When we moved to Canton, I just signed up at the big medical complex affiliated with my employing university and figured that was that. But I’ve since found this to be one of the most poorly run medical facilities I’ve ever encountered. And it’s not just me. My wife has had problems getting appointments for herself and for the kids. And even when we would get appointments it was more with medical students than real doctors. So we’ve been talking or some time about switching to a smaller family care practice.

Yesterday we researched the office my in-laws use, made sure they take our insurance, then called to book appointments for all of us at the end of July. Not only were they able to schedule us that quickly, they did so with joy and seemed to know my own insurance better than the my old office that is actually part of the university that owns the insurance company. Hopefully this new doctor works out well and I can forget about it. We’ll be upping our dental insurance to the next tier this year to stay with our current dentist we love so much and hopefully all will be well for a while with medical service providers for our family. And hopefully I won’t have to use any of them again for a very long time.