Sick: Part Two, Even Sicker (Not Really)

Still sick, but seem to be making improvements. I spent yesterday mostly at the doctor’s (well, urgent care because remember I hate my old doctor and I haven’t started my new doctor yet) and at the pharmacy. I got some high-octane nasal spray and allergy medicine that should help de-ick me. I came home early from work today and took a long nap and that seemed to work as well.

Tomorrow my parents are coming over to help me load crap from our basement into my father-in-law’s truck so I can take it all to the dump and start the full-on decontamination of the Basement of Doom.  I expect wacky photos to detail tomorrow’s adventure for you all. You’re welcome.

Hack. Spit. Snort.

*flops on bed dramatically with hand on forehead*