Shuttle Launch

My first day at teh new job wasn’t bad, but man do I hate relying on shuttle service to get me from the parking lot to the hospital. Whether it’s the subway in NYC, the train in Chicago, or the bus in Ann Arbor, I’m always going to get on going the wrong direction the first time or two. I always do my research before hand and know exactly which one I need to be on and when I need to be there, but I always get nervous and flustered when the first one arrives and bam, I’m going the wrong way toward the Bronx or Ohio.

The work itself however is nice and the day flew by and it was nice to be home waaaay before I normally would at my old job, even with nasty traffic. In other news, I now have a story live in the second issue of The Back Alley Webzine. This is a favorite story of mine for several reasons. First, this is the first orginal piece of fiction I’ve been paid for. So thanks to editor Rick Helms for accepting the story and writing a check that didn’t bounce. Yet. I also think the story has the best ending I’ve written so far. I really like the ending of CADAVER DOG too, but I think it falls a bit short. The one in this story I really like. Becky doesn’t like the story at all, but hey, I don’t like her pink hat so there.

The story is called RUINS OF DETROIT and can be found here.