Shred Games

There’s a list I’ve got of online crime zines I’m dying to be published in, until recently Hardluck Stories and Shred of Evidence were at the top. You all know that I made it into Hardluck, and as of today, I’m happy to say I’ll be appearing in Shred. Megan will be reprinting my spermbank robbery story LOAD that originally appeared in Crimespree last year.

I’m happy the story, always one of my favorites, will be getting the wide exposure of the web, but the best news is that I’ll be paid for the story. This will be the first check I get for my writing since the check for the Thuglit anthology probably won’t come until the book is published.

Even better is that this acceptance comes only a few days after I received the news that my first Dallas Ellington short story UTOPIA will be published in Mysterical-E magazine. These acceptances combined with the progress I’ve been making on a new Dallas short story make me believe I’m not only out of my funk but left it in the dust behind me.