Showers and Houses

Becky and I had our wedding shower on Saturday. What a weird time that was at first. Lots of people from both sides of two families, many of whom have never met, playing weird games. Becky and I just watched an laughed (and my dad ate and watched TV hidden away) and then opened a lot of cool presents. Sunday we went to the Home Depot to buy stuff for our new house. We bought tile, and appliances, and drywall, oh so much drywall. I took my parents over to see the house on Saturday and took these crappy pics with my phone. But you get the idea. I may have over-exagerated when I said it didn’t have any floors or walls.

noname2.jpg noname.jpg noname31.jpg noname4.jpg

I also had a great writing day Sunday. I did 1600 words on the novel and another 100 words on the short story. I’m thinking the short story has lost it’s gloss for me now and I don’t feel the need to work on it at the same time as the novel so I’ll probably save it for when I’m done to help clear my brain.