Shorts Weather

Short stories of course. First I’d liek to congratulate my buddy Patti Abbott for her Derringer Award nomination. Second, pppppttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhh, for me not being nominated.

Now I know it’s probably horrible form to complain about not being nominated for an award (especially given my comment on Sarah’s blog about how there seems to be too many awards) but it sucks and I’m nothing, if not honest here. I don’t get my hopes up every year about the Derringer Awards, but this year I had two stories I’m very proud of up for consideration. CADAVER DOG, I submitted myself and RUINS OF DETROIT was submitted by BACK ALLEY WEBZINE editor Rick Helms. I got cash for both stories which is nice and CADAVER DOG will be in a Best Of anthology next month, but I’m greedy dangit. I want awards too.

Anyway, I finished my first story of the new year yesterday. At just under 2000 words though it hardly feels substantial enough to be considered a full story. Four or Five years ago that’s exactly what passed as short stories for me. I’d take a snip of an idea or a one note joke and run it as long as I could and that would be the end of it. Hopefully I’ve matured as a writer since then. I wanted this story (about a pyromaniac stripper who burns down a casino with a flare gun when she finds out she’s pregnant by an impotent security guard) to be short, fast, and nasty, but I think I’m going to go back and layer in a little bit about the strippers past and some other things to give it some depth (and more importantly get it over the 2000 minimum word count for PLOTS WITH GUNS).

So today is open comment for everyone to gripe about things they really wanted but didn’t get.