Short and Sweet

I think it’s safe to announce my latest short story sale since it was confirmed on a Facebook wall posting and Facebook is never wrong. My story WORD GAMES will be appearing this Spring in UNCAGED, Jen Jordan’s sequel to the nastily popular anthology EXPLETIVE DELETED. This is cool for many reasons, but here are a few of my favorites:

1) The contributor list. In addition to such luminaries of vileness like Al Guthrie, Victor Gischler, Christa Faust, and Scott Phillips, there are some hot up and comers like Patrick Shawn Bagley, Stephen Blackmoore, and Greg Bardsley (the last two of which I had the pleasure of publishing in DEMOLITION)

2) This proves that my two anthology publications this year are not a fluke. I came to short stories later, but it seems to have worked out well for me and I think I’ve developed a nice solid voice. Which bring me to the biggest reason I’m happy about this story…

3) This validates my decision to abandon the PI novel I was working on for the new project based on one of my previous anthology stories. The voice I’ve developed and think works best with my natural skills, and that’s given me the most success so far, is a mix of dark humor, twisted characters, and non-linear plotting. That’s the sort of story I’m working with on the new novel and I’m very excited for its potential.

Of course at some point I’m going to have to start stretching myself but when an author is starting off in such a volatile publishing atmosphere I think it’s best to go with the strengths and then start stretching when an audience is established. I’m already starting to stretch my short stories into more mainstream stories along with the dirty little bits I’ve got on the burner so that’s good and should hopefully lead to some sales to one of the mainstream markets like EQMM or AHMM. I’m also still waiting to be invited to contribute to an anthology which would be very cool, but hey, I can’t get greedy, right?