She-Ra, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Super Girl Have A New Friend


That’s right, we’re having another girl. I’m quite happy about it, though I really didn’t have a preference one way or the other. I’m posting a picture of the ultrasound, but even in this day of HD and high-tech, I still think the ultrasound is the most confusing picture I will ever look at that doesn’t have Waldo in it. For crying out loud, tell me that doesn’t look like a penis in the picture.

Becky already went into Holly’s room and added the new baby’s name we settled on a while ago (no I’m not telling) which looks cool. For now I think Holly and Spenser will still share a room and the baby will have Holly’s room alone, but when the new one is old enough for a real bed we may have to shake things up. I may put them all in the basement with the cat for all I know.

So yeah, another girl. Lots of easy sailing until they’re all teenagers. Yikes.

UPDATE: We made cupcakes for the kids with colored frosting to surprise them with the gender. I was hoping for something awesome and viral-worthy, instead they’re just boring kids eating cupcakes.