Sex and the Straight Man

Oh right, it’s Tuesday. Hmmm. That’s cool I guess.

I’d like to go back vintage style and write today about why I went to see Sex and the City 2 last night and why I enjoyed it. I’ve made no secret of my love for romance and romantic comedy and don’t suspect it will long before I finally go ahead and write something in that field, but still, people always find it odd when I tell them I liked this show. Two of the three elements though are stock BryonBait (it’s about a writer and it’s set in New York City) and they don’t have anything to do with romance at all (except my romantic views of writing and New York City). But despite what the previews or articles or assumptions may be, Sex and the City is not about 4 women wearing fancy clothes and drinking fancy drinks it’s about love. It’s about how and why people fall in love and what happens after the fact. That’s what the movies have done best I think. This one I took particular pleasure in because it dealt a lot with the growing issues of a young marriage (Carrie and Big) and a marriage with young kids (Charlotte and Harry). I could relate to the guy sitting on the couch wanting to watch TV and eat in as his younger wife wanted to go out dancing and having fun. I could also relate to a child who just won’t stop screaming. And that’s what the show and the movies are about to me. I love reading books like Duane’s new one EXPIRATION DATE and Gischler’s new one THE DEPUTY and seeing how they’re developing marriages and families reflect themselves in their fiction. I used to be a huge fan of Big Love and Grand Gestures and that’s what the TV series was about and I related to. But now, as I get older and deal with longer and more complex relationships it’s not about the Big Love and the Grand Gesture, it’s about the little things you do to keep the sparkle alive in a relationship.

The other movie I almost went to see was Shrek Ever After and I think I’ll see that soon as well because it doesn’t matter how old or complex my relationships get, there’s always room for a movies with talking donkeys and fart jokes.