Second Christmas


Those who rely on freelance income out there know that the end of the year can be a bit of a grind financially and for us this year, the months leading up to Christmas were rough. We were able to cobble together enough stuff so the kids had some good stuff, but Becky and I passed on getting anything and it was the leanest Christmas we’ve had in some time. Wrapping presents on Christmas Eve was in an interesting scene as we were happy that a few checks had come in so we could do an okay job with the kids’ gifts, but it was also incredibly depressing compared to other years and the little pile of presents would have fit right into a Peanuts Christmas special.

But after Christmas, when money was flowing again and everything was ridiculously discounted, Becky had the great idea to do a second Christmas. We’d buy the kids all of the clothes they needed that we normally add to the haul plus a few other toys and stuffed animals they wanted that we weren’t able to swing. Becky got herself some new fitness stuff she really needed and I got myself some clothes and some writing stuff I’d been holding off on buying. Everything was so cheap, we were able to double the amount of presents we bought and cut the price by more than half. It was awesome. So last Friday, we sent the kids to bed and stayed up until 3am wrapping presents and then we put them out under the tree. Becky wrote a great letter from Santa Claus, who said when the elves were cleaning the workshop after Christmas they found a bag of presents that had fallen behind and they were sorry and hoped we enjoyed them.

The kids loved it, we loved it, and now we’re wondering if this is something we should make a yearly tradition since my December income has traditionally been lean and my January income more robust.