Scott Wolven needs a website…

…but until then, I’ve decided to set up a one-stop shop for info and links to stories by my favorite short story writer. First a little bio. Wolven is a graduate of the MFA program in creative writing at Columbia University where he held a fellowship and eventually taught creative writing at SUNY Binghampton. Along the way he racked up three consecutive appearences in the Best American Mystery Story Anthologies. Scott Wolven changed my life. Without reading his stuff I would have continued keeping my literary stories seperate from my mystery stories. I never would have realized that stories about crime and passion and violence could be more than formulaic entertainments without Scott Wolven. I never would have written the stories I’ve written this summer without Scott Wolven. I’ve attempted more depth and meaning and atmosphere in my crime stories because of Scott Wolven.

Now it’s time for the rest of you to appreciate him.

First let’s start with his book. Controlled Burn is a stripped down, raw, violent, and brilliant short story collection of sorta linked stories that rounds up all of his BAMS appearences plus some new stuff. It got a starred review in PW and is currently it’s a Border’s Original Voices selection and can be had for 20% off. check it out. Now.

For those in need of an immediate Wolven fix here are the links to his stories I was able to track down. The bulk of his appearences have been in Plots With Guns but he did have interludes with Thrilling Detective and Mysterical-e along with some online literary magazines. This is the thing that first really amazed me about Wolven. He was able to get a fellowship at Columbia and appearences in BAMS by mainly publishing online. I could really only find one print publication and that was in Harpur Palate, the literary magazine for SUNY Binghampton. This was another thing that changed my writing. I started looking at online markets as reputable outlets for my stuff and once I started reading what the had to offer I was hooked. So thank you Scott.

Outside Work Detail from Mysterical-e

Heavy Friends from Thrilling Detective

El Ray from Lost in Front

demon (stration) of irrefutable logic near orford new hampshire from Cross Connect

Eight Ball from The Mississippi Review

Ball Lightning Reported in the Northeast Kingdom from The Mississippi Review

The rest of these stories are from Plots with Guns.



Atomic Supernova

The Copper Kings

El Ray and The Copper Kings are two of the BAMS featured stories. So now, anyone who knows Scott let’s get the word out that he needs a website and that I want to be his new best friend. Okay?