Routine Maintenence

I’ve been thinking a lot about routines lately. Dave White had an interesting post about how his life is kind of in a routine which is fine for life but makes for stagnate blogging (yes, that’s twice in a row I’ve reference a Dave White post, prepare for the impending apocalypse) and then a local business college has been running a radio ad talking about the routine of “your’ current job and how it’s sucking your soul and if you go to their school you can love your job and change the world. I love my job, but every morning when the alarm goes off, I still grumble as I grab my clothes, go to the shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, drive to work, get on the shuttle, etc…

But I actually like routines. For scatterbrained people like me it makes sure everything gets done and I don’t leave the house without pants on or anything. It also helps me adapt to change quickly, because I can easily find new routines to keep me grounded. But they do tend to lend themselves to a sense of stagnation and boredom so I think it’s important to do something every once in a while to shake the routine. I read something somewhere that said every month you should have thing you are really looking forward to. It’s interesting to look at my routines now compared to when I was single. Back then I had a few little routines, but nothing major. My life was chaotic and unpredictable and never the same. It was exhausting. That’s fine when I was younger and was able to channel that chaos into interesting fiction and adventures, but as I got older it just made me depressed and crabby. Another writer passed along a piece of information she was told by another writer a while ago that for writers it was good to have a nice boring life and then have exciting fiction. I’ve found that to be true.

So where do you stand on routine? Do you like a good rut, or do you like to shake things up?