Romancing with Stones

I’ve been thinking about grand romantic gestures lately. They’ve been popping up in TV shows particularly with more frequency these days, though I suspect I just might be more aware of them because of my own grand, romantic inclinations.

Now I’m not necessarily talking about the ridiculous kind of grand gestures that are popular in bad romantic comedies (yes, I will admit there are SOME bad romantic comedies) or the cheesy gestures like sending a message through the JumboTron at the ball park, but the good ones. Like Heath Ledger in “10 Things I Hate About You” where he dances and sings karaoke in the football stands to get the attention of Julia Stiles on the soccer field. Or that biggie, from “Sleepless in Seattle”, of meeting a strange women at the top of the Empire State Building. Or what about Humphrey Bogart and his papers from “Casablanca”? Getting Ingrid Bergman out of there was probably one of the most complex romantic gestures on screen.

But grand romantic gestures don’t have to always be elaborate or complex. John Cusack is famous for his many simple grand gestures. A boombox and a car for crying out loud in “Say Anything”. How perfect is that? “Love Actually” makes great use of simple and grand romantic gestures. The best by far being Andrew Lincoln professing his love for Kiera Knightly using only cardboard signs.

The question for the day though is: do these things ever happen in real life?

I’ve detailed a couple of my own executed or merely planned romantic gestures, but aside from that I don’t know of any of my friends or acquaintances doing likewise. What’s the most romantic gestures you’ve ever made or had made to you?