Resume Warfare

As you may have heard, Dave White and I agreed to a cease fire in our novel competition over the weekend so I could work on a short story and he could work on some hoo-ha or other on his “contracted” book. Well the weekend is over, and I don’t know how his other project went, but mine went great.

I finished the story, which is obviously the coolest part, but I also really like it. The ending is one of the better ones I think I’ve written and I think there’s a nice theme running through. I knew the story was going to be in the shorter range because I was using a darker tone I didn’t suspect would hold up for very long. And I was right, but I was still able to squeak 3000 words out of it and that made me happy. Anything less would have felt incomplete.

And early readers seem to like the story quite a bit as well. I’ve still got a few things to polish up on it and some timeline inconsitencies to correct, but I don’t see it needing a whole lot of revision before I send it off. I have a few markets in midn for it and you can be sure I’ll let you know if it hits any of them.

In other short story news, the Short Mystery Fiction Society is now accepting nominations for the 2007 Derringer Awards. Any member of the SMFS can nominate two of his or her own stories for consideration and any publisher of a print or online crime magazine can submit a certain number of stories for consideration depending on how many stories they published in 2006. Full submission infor can be found at http://www.shortmystery.net

DEMOLITION published 28 stories last year so we will be nominating four stories. Dave and I have alreayd made our choices and will be notiftying those writers this week. If you don’t hear from us, please nominate your own stories. I’ll also be submitting two of my own stories: “Mr. Saturday Night Special” from CRIME SCENE SCOTLAND and “Murder Boy” from THUGLIT. This is the first year I had stories published I think are worthy of award consideration and that pleases me.