Rent to Own

I saw something this morning that made me less than confident in my local emergency support personnel. As I was driving to work an ambulance passed me on the other side of the road with its flashers and siren on and everything. In the passenger’s seat, one of the paramedics and a map open and was turning it around trying to find something on it. If I can use Mapquest to find a destination, why can’t they? And further more, if these guys are the first to respond to emergenices, shouldn’t they kind of…you know…know where the heck they’re going???

Last Wednesday I was finally able to do something I’d never been able to accomplish during my time living in New York City. I was able to get $20 seats to RENT in the front row. When Jonathan Larson, the writer and composer of RENT, died, his parents specified that at every showing the first two rows should be set aside for cheap tickets to honor the poor students who make up most of the “Rentheads.”

Well in NYC, the tickets for the Broadway production were given out in a lottery format to avoid people camping out on the street. I went to that theater almost every Friday after I got out of work and got in line for the lottery but never won. Finally I went to TKTS and bought seats in the nosebleeds so I could see it, but it wasn’t as cool from up there.

Then last week I saw a notice that RENT would be coming to the Masonic Temple Theater in Detroit and that the $20 seats would be first come first serve. So on Wednesday, my regular day off, I went down there and was able to get in line and get the tickets. It was a great experience and there’s nothing that can beat front row seat to a bombastic musical.

Along with RENT, I’ve been spending quit a bit of time downtown Detroit and in the outlying areas because I’m dating a girl who lives about 15 minutes from downtown and grew up in Southwest Detroit. I think this might be why I’m so excited about the new book I’m working on. I get to use the Detroit setting, and of of the neat tidbits I’ve learned, to the fullest.

Viva, la vi, bohem!