Reflections On A Weekend And Some Annoyance With My MacBook

I’m writing this on my iPad with my Bluetooth keyboard, which I find I’ve been doingmore lately.  I’m working on some edits with longer comments than are comfortable to put in with the on-screen keyboard but I don’t really want to open up the MacBook. I’ve been having trouble with my wrists since I’ve had the MacBook and I’m not quite sure why.

It seems to have something to do with the trackpad because I love using the keyboard and when I use the up and down arrows to navigate through a manuscript I don’t have the same problem. But this trackpad was supposed to be amazing. And while I do like how smooth it is and how amazing and functional it is, the placement and the size of thebase I think are the main contributors. Anyone else have this trouble with a MacBook? I do understand that using it on my lap is not the ideal situation and is also a contributing factor, but that portability for working from the couch is the main benefit of a laptop.

Anyway, it’s been a good weekend so far. We got lots of cleaning done around the house, including deep cleaning the carpet with a rental shampooer. Still, I can’t wait until the fall when we rip out this old carpet and put in some new stuff with a fresh coat of paint as well before the baby shows up. I also set up a new patio set on the deck that will function as my outdoor office for the summer.

I also set up a new pool for the kids to keep them occupied while they’re outside so they don’t annoy the neighbors so much asking to go into their yard. On one hand I understand this, they have a swimming pool and trampoline and swing set, but Spenser likes to go over there and go through their garage and pull out weird random baby toys that he wants to bring home. It’s not like he has a shortage of his own toys and it make me feel weird. I never thought I’d have that weird neighborhood kid.


How’s your weekend going?