Reflection on a Project

Being the introspective, navel-gazing, sort of fella that I am, I think it’s time to reflect on the latest Blog Short Story Project. First, the bad news: There weren’t as many participants as I had hoped. I had anywhere between 30-40 possible contributors, but only 23 ended up being included. Now, the good news: Of those 23, all but a small handful of the particpants were brand new to the Blog Short Story Project experience. That makes me very happy. And some of these new people were even brand new to the whole experience of writing a short story.

It’s amazing to see how far the blogosphere has grown in the year or so since the last BSSP. One of the biggest changes I noticed was the addition of several group blogs, or GROGS. Paul Guyot, a resident of one of the local grogs, suggested the next project be a Grog Short Story Project. That is a great idea and I’m already looking into how to make it work.

Other than that, I was pleased and amazed as always at the level of quality in the stories posted. This always seems like a bit of a lark to me and the fact that busy, talented writers with a ton of stuff on their plate took time out of their schedules to participate and contributed top-notch material. Thanks everyone.

Now that all the team-building crap is over though, expect this blog to return to it’s regular narcissistic purpose in life.